Personal Styling

In addition to editorial styling and work for brands, I also help individuals build enduring wardrobes that align with their needs, values, and lifestyle.


I honed my eye for curation with studies in Milan and New York and brought it down to earth by specializing in secondhand and vintage. I aim to make this way of 'sustainable' dressing not only aspirational but achievable for your body and budget. 

As a prior fashion journalist, I also know the markers of quality and craftsmanship as well as the happenings of the industry. This way, I can help my clients look current, but ensure they are never fashion victims. 

My services are set up in the style of a menu, so you can pick what fuliflls your appetite.

Due to the custom nature of personal styling, I bill all of my services hourly. I give time and pricing estimates for Primi and Secondi services during consultation. Pricing for Contorni and Dolci services can be done upon request and typically range from 2-15 hours.



Let’s start where you are to get where you’re going. Before we meet, I will send you a survey and get to know your style, needs, values, and daily habits. Your results will help inform your consult, where I will dive deeper and get an understanding of your current wardrobe. These can be conducted in person or virtually.



Wardrobe Audit

After your consultation, I will assess what you already have and determine what should be kept, altered, cared for, or donated ethically (which I will handle). Next, I will make a list of suggested additions based on the gaps in your closet and your wardrobe aspirations. Finally, I will begin to organize your wardrobe so you can find what you need efficiently and effectively. I will also provide garment care tips and suggest tools and strategies that will help you preserve the longevity of your garments.


The wardrobe audit is essential and will set you up for a successful personal shopping experience. It will also help you refine your innate sense of style, equip you to shop in your closet, and speed up your daily dressing time.


I am equally comfortable with small and large wardrobes and storage spaces and can accommodate needs to build up or edit down.​


Personal Shopping

When you are ready for personal shopping, I offer three experiences:


  • In-store – I will choose a few stores to visit together and take the labor out of hunting for you. When you arrive, custom pulls will be waiting for you so you can try on, sip champagne, and get style advice. I will focus on introducing you to the best local and independently owned brands and boutiques in Austin, so your clothes won’t only be tailored to you, they’ll have a great story and support your community. I recommend this experience to more serious fashion clientele or those who plan to shop more independently after my services. These can last 2-4 hours based on your needs and multiple sessions can be booked.


  • In-home – I will bring the store to your home. I will spend up to a week shopping for you, again focusing on local and independently owned brands and boutiques, and set a time to do a fitting with you. I will provide style guidance on how to integrate new styles with your existing wardrobe, suggesting full looks, and will facilitate any returns necessary. I recommend this experience for busier clientele or those who are hoping for a full-service experience. Multiple sessions may be booked.


  • Online – I will shop online for you and create a curated list with links so you can choose what to buy yourself. I will include style notes in the document. I recommend this experience for those who are used to shopping online, want access to D2C brands that don’t sell in stores, or who want to build the experience on their schedule. 



Online mini-consult with styling

Take a short style survey and participate in a 30-minute virtual session with me where I’ll do an informal interview to better understand your needs and goals. One week later, I will send you a personalized style board, style tips, and a list of recommended go-to brands and styles – all tailored to your needs, body, and values.


Principles of ethical dressing

Take a short survey about your values and challenges with ethical and sustainable dressing and living. After, I will facilitate a one-hour virtual session where I will give an overview of ethical and sustainable fashion and teach you how to integrate these into your current wardrobe habits without being overwhelmed. This will include a list of recommended brands.


Principles of vintage dressing

Take a short survey about your style, body, and goals. I will facilitate a 1-2 hour virtual or in-store experience to teach you where and how to find the right vintage and secondhand. This add-on or standalone service is perfect for anyone interested in sustainable dressing, curating luxury or archival fashion, or simply wanting to integrate a vintage look into their existing wardrobe.


Special event styling

If you have an occasion, photoshoot, or event coming up, I can create and style your look, including accessories and footwear. This offering can be done in-home or in-store, at your preference.